Why You Should Hire Expert Help For Your Wedding

One of the biggest events in a person’s life, more so for a woman, is a wedding. It is a rite of passage that is such a huge decision to everyone involved, especially to the soon to be bride and groom. Nevertheless, after a resolution has been done to marry, there is then a lot of things to take into account and plan.

Again, to wed is an enormous affair and most likely, you will want it to be as fabulous as ever. In other cases though is people will want it simple but a normal occurrence would be that folks will choose to make it grand and unforgettable.

The success stories of weddings in Northants and in other parts of the world have one thing in common: they opt to hire the wedding experts to help. But this here may be your question: “Why should I do that?”

Simply, you will get to have the wedding of your dreams in a manner that is easy and well done. There are professionals who can be of assistance in every step of the planning process. Elements like the venue, the food, the guest list, the wedding dress and tuxedo – these and more are what you are going to focus on and doing this alone and without any know how can prove to be stressful. And that is not what you want to be before your big and special day, right?

Therefore, you should just take advantage of these wedding planners. You have to get the top notch ones at that. They will certainly go over the details of the event with you, consider your preferences and all that. That is why it is also important that you are also vocal about what you fancy, from the biggest things to even the smallest things. Even though, yes, you are collaborating with the experts, you must still speak up. If you do so, they will regard them and work their way around them.

Keep in mind though that your budget will affect what the final result will be. Hence, with your partner, discuss this matter and come up with an amount you are both willing to spend.

Do not forget to invest on a wedding photographer Northamptonshire. For sure you will want to document a very important point in your life and so, a photographer can be of great help. And because this kind has much experience and expertise when it comes to weddings, big and small, they can really be of service to you.

What is important about a wedding photographer is that they are not only able to shoot high quality images but they are able to capture the priceless moments before, during and after the significant occasion as well. Though the newlyweds are the main characters, the photographer should also cover the others from family, friends and other loved ones.

Bottom line, a wedding should be a festive happening that will be kept in your memory forever. And once more, professionals can facilitate and assist you to make it as such.

Where has Dalmace been?

Hi everyone, it’s me (Dalmace) here personally to show you a little behind the scenes into my life and what I have been spending my time on in 2014. A few people have been asking and it would take too long breaking it into 140 character tweets!

Let’s begin…

IMG_0712-682x1024I’ve worked with 3 big weddings already this year. With the TV network taking up a lot of my time, I am currently only taking on one wedding per month. The next event I am planning and organising is Jen and Luke’s Wedding in the UK. They are a great couple and everything is coming together well, the wedding will be taking place on Saturday 26th April, not too long away.

If you would like to learn more about their wedding, Luke is a web designer and has created a website for them to share the story with family and friends. I asked them if they were happy for me to share it here, to help others with planning their weddings, they were more than happy to so leave a comment on their website to thank them for that.

View their website: Jen & Luke’s Wedding Website

We’ve also agreed an advertising deal on DipNet with Allure Bridals to promote their wedding dresses. Unfortunately I cannot disclose many details on this, but if you’re a fan of the DIP Network, you may notice them being featured. I am a huge fan of what they do and their designers are some of the best in the world.

Allure also design dresses for bridesmaids and formal gowns, though our main focal will be on wedding dresses and bridal dresses.

Visit their website: www.allurebrides.com

We are soon announcing a new wedding live wedding show where you will get to go behind the scenes with myself and my clients, to see exactly how I plan a wedding. This will include the contacts I use for dresses, photography, cakes, magicians, flowers, food, etc. We are going to be filming the next wedding I have planned (Jen & Luke’s) and will show you a full behind the scenes look at it.

If you think it is all fun and games, you may be a little shocked at the stress of organising these weddings, but it will be fun to show you all the hard work we put into this.

Currently we have not decided on a name for this show. It is most likely going to be “Behind The Scenes with Dalmace”, but if anyone has a better suggestion please email to newshow@dipnet.org.uk and if we decide to use your suggestion, you will get a free invite to one of the weddings I have this year to watch the behind the scenes planning live.

Okay everyone, that is all the big news out the way. You won’t want to hear about everything else going on in my life, it’s quite boring. I will try to contribute to this blog personally more often, it’s fun. Thank you for being a viewer and reader of the DIP Network!

Creating a Wedding Website


It is a popular decision in this modern age of computers, to have a website that documents your wedding for your friends, family members, and even strangers to see – if they are at all interested.

With the uprise in interest for this, there has been a soar in specialist wedding web designers flooding the market to provide this service. This is a more high end solution though, giving you a fully custom designed website around you and your wedding. The price of these website starts at around £1,000 and ranges all the way up to £5,000 depending on the level of detail you require.

If that is out of your budget, don’t worry about it, there are also a number of wedding website creators that are significantly cheaper and still look fantastic. Take a look at the video below for an example one which uses a blogging and content management software called WordPress:

With the website creators there is quite a lot of additional work involved, uploading/modifying the images and writing all of the content, but it is a much cheaper solution. The websites also look great as they’re professionally designer by a creative team, usually up to the same standard as bespoke solutions, but obviously they’re not exclusive or custom for your needs.

This can require a small amount of optimisation from your part, if you really want it truly unique. Some of these builders allow simple drag and drop editing, other solutions such as WordPress, are slightly more technical and may require a small amount of knowledge with editing HTML and CSS. But if you are not too much of a perfectionist, you should find creating a website using a wedding website creator quite easy, simply choose a great design and start adding photographs and content – easy!

If you have any questions about creating a website for your wedding, or suggestions of great wedding websites, leave a comment below for everyone to see.

Cold Feet: Wedding Jitters Explained

Feel like you’re having second thoughts about marrying? Most of the reasons that the bride and groom experience cold feet is mainly psychological in nature. However, there are reasons that should be spent a little bit more time in thinking over. Here are some of the reasons for those wedding jitters.

Threats of Violence or Actual Experience of Violence. When you have experienced violence during the duration of your pre-wedding relationship, this may be a cause for alarm. The psyche has a way of telling the body that it is going to be a dangerous situation in the long run. If you feel that you are being coerced into marrying somebody, do tell a friend or your parents. Consult a lawyer if you must. Such anxieties do not overwhelm you without logical reasons and should not be ignored.

The Idea of Being a Wife or a Husband to Someone you Barely knew. This is one of the reasons that even your parents agree to a long-term relationship before you seal the deal with wedding vows. Aside from the stress in preparing for a wedding, the cost is too much for you to back out when you feel that this wedding jitter all of a sudden. Take time to talk with your fiancé and make him or her understand that it may be healthy to postpone the wedding for some months before finally deciding. This way, you will both enter into the marriage psychologically and emotionally prepared.

The Idea of Cooking, Doing the Laundry for Someone and Having Kids. Admit it, household chores like cleaning and cooking are not your usual cup of tea. You may have spent a comfortable life of fast food and microwave dinners. Having the realization that you will now be spending the rest of your life cooking and doing the laundry for someone because you love them may come as a bit too much for you to think of. Another reason that could be contributing to the feeling of having cold feet before the wedding, is the idea of getting pregnant or needing to earn more to support the wife and the kids.

The best way to eliminate this type of wedding jitter is to talk with your fiancé or partner. Agree on the most comfortable time of year to have kids. Lay out your career plans and how much you want to accomplish before finally wanting to have kids of your own.

When it comes to the household chores, it would be best to discuss them, too. Make sure that your partner understands that you are not an expert in cooking or cleaning the house and doing the laundry as well that he or she may feel disappointed with the effort to accomplish these things.

Wedding Day. Sometimes cold feet set in when you already dressed and ready to march down that aisle. Suddenly, there’s this feeling of apprehension that you don’t understand and can’t figure out where it’s coming from. This is the reason that parents and a trusted friend are also with you during the entire time that the wedding is being prepared. You can always talk about and explore the reasons why you are feeling it. Most of the time, after a good talk with your mother or father, the feeling subsides.

Vintage Wedding Dress Hunt

Having a vintage-themed wedding is beginning to be a favorite among the townsfolk. Why not? Vintage wedding dresses bespoke a style of their own. It brings with it a lot of good memories. Where do you start in looking for a vintage wedding dress?

Mother’s Vintage Closet or Chest of Vintage Clothes. Admit it, you admire the way your mother poses on their wedding photos. You just don’t admire your mother, you also liked the dress. And if you can just have your hands on those wedding dresses, you will be saving up a lot of time and money, right? Well, go ahead and take a look if that dress is still there. Try to fit it and arrange for necessary adjustments with your dress shop. If your mother’s wedding dress is not feasible, try to look into old photo albums and look up aunt and grandmothers. They will most likely have their old wedding dress stuck somewhere.

Vintage Shops.  The best place to look for vintage dresses are those that specialize in it. Go to your local vintage shops and you may find what you’re looking for. If not, then you can always get vintage wedding magazines and try to create for yourself a new one with the vintage look.

However, when you do find a vintage wedding dress that you like, do not go home and think it over. You just have to buy it then and there for it may be snagged by another bride looking for the same stuff. You don’t want to come back to the store and see it already sold to someone else.

Charity Shops.  You may find what you’re looking for in a charity shop. Most people donate their old stuff like wedding dresses to charity shops for fund raising. By taking a trip to a local charity shop, you may end up with the wedding dress to your liking.

Browse Online Vintage Shops. One of the best ways to shop is online. You can always do it right in the comfort of your own home. The downside to this is that you can’t fit the dress and this may become a bit of a problem if you like your wedding dress custom fit your body.

Ask a Friend for Help.  Your friends are the best people who can help you find that vintage wedding dress. They may know a vintage shop or two. Together, you can go and check it out. Try to get as much help from your friends. This way, you save up on time and money and maximize your resources. IN addition, you can be sure that they would enjoy taking part in helping you look for that wonderful vintage dress.

While you are busy looking for the wedding dress, do not forget to take note of the lead time it will take you to find one. Be ready with an alternative plan should you have difficulties in finding a vintage wedding dress for yourself.